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<Dementia> was a 10-man morning raiding guild on Moon Guard.

We cleared all of Naxxaramus, Malygos, Sartharion, and Ulduar up to and including Yogg Saron. We also killed all the bosses available from the Argent Coliseum as of 25 Aug 2009.

Hope you guys from the Wrecking Crew are tearing it up in ICC somewhere!  I haven't even seen the new content myself past TOC.  Been doing arena's/PvP on frostmourne with a few of the old crew.  Have a great summer!-ender

Other Guild News

Now that we've done Yoggy a few times....

Amalaria, Jul 30, 09 4:24 AM.
It's time for some achievements and hard modes, starting of with XT and Razorscale!

Just an appetizer for more good things to come!

Yogg-Saron down - Great job fellas - Wrecking crew on the top! #1!

Vha, Jul 6, 09 4:36 PM.

Vezax falls before Dementia - let it be a warning to all heretics that cross our path! Fear us, Yogg-Saron - we come for you next...

Vha, Jun 16, 09 8:54 AM.

Mimiron down!

Endershadow, May 29, 09 1:57 PM.

Mimiron goes down on a day when we were past quitting time and just wanted to get the trash cleared to him to have a fresh pull on Monday.  Great job guys!  Not so tough when everyone does what is needed to stay alive!  Thats 11/14 for us in Ulduar now.

Thorim is dealt with!

Endershadow, May 7, 09 12:36 PM.

Thats boss #10 for us in Ulduar!  Good job on the 2-shot today guys!

Freya take a dirt nap!

Endershadow, Apr 30, 09 12:35 PM.

Freya was not prepared!  GJ guys, thats progression boss #9 for us in Ulduar!

Iron Council, Auriaya and Hodir Down!

Endershadow, Apr 24, 09 12:20 PM.

That's a total of 8 bosses down for us on our 2nd week in Ulduar!  Great job on Iron Council,  Auriaya, and Hodir  Dementia!

Kologarn Down

Endershadow, Apr 23, 09 3:43 PM.

Another boss bites the dust!

5 new bosses down on our 2nd week of 3.1!

Endershadow, Apr 22, 09 1:56 PM.

On our second week in Ulduar and VoA we downed 5 new bosses together!  The groups synergy and sinc was back to the way it should be and the chaos we brought was great!

Forgot to get us a pic of Em in VoA but no worries we'll get one next week!  Great job guys, good progression for a little over 2 hours!

Flame Levathon disassembled!

Endershadow, Apr 16, 09 2:06 AM.

First day of the 3.1 patch!  Bugs and all we went in and downed our first boss in Ulduar-10!  Grats guys feels great to kill something new again together!

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